A thrift store that is known for helping customers to find their "hidden treasure" received an unexpected surprise when a cat was found inside a donated couch.

Rachel Barbee was preparing for a move and had been dropping off various boxes of used goods at the thrift store Deseret Industries in Price, Utah, on April 16, according to KUTV.

When she needed to get rid of her couch, she had originally wanted to take it to the trash heap, since she figured no one would be interested in purchasing it. Fortunately, a friend convinced her otherwise, and she took it to Deseret Industries instead

"I was like just take it to the D.I., you never know," Brittnie Arroyo, Barbee’s friend, told KUTV.

Arroyo said they placed the couch in the truck about 25 minutes before they took it to Deseret Industries. Barbee’s cat, known as Tiny One, didn’t make any noise while he was nestled in the couch.

After dropping off the couch, employees at the thrift store placed it in a holding area. They were getting ready to take the couch inside when the cat ran out from underneath it.

"We usually give people their donation receipt and don't see them again," Matthew Kemp, the store manager, said. "We didn't know exactly what to think about it or do."

An employee decided to place a photo of Tiny One on Facebook.

"Someone dropped a couch off at the DI and it had a cat in it," the post, which was on a private yard sale Facebook page, read. "If anyone knows who [he] belongs to please come back."

Barbee and Arroyo had not been home long enough to realize the cat was missing. Arroyo said they saw the social media post while eating, and she started to laugh until she realized who the cat was.

"I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, that's your cat -- you have got to call,'" Arroyo said. "'Rachel, your cat is at the D.I.'"

Within half an hour of the photo appearing on Facebook, Barbee returned to claim her cat. Kemp was surprised at how quickly they were able to locate the owner.

Arroyo commented on the KUTV Facebook page to note that Barbee is very happy to be reunited with Tiny One. 

"She would have never seen her cat again if she would have taken [the couch] to the dump," Arroyo told KUTV.

Sources: KUTV, KUTV/Facebook, Deseret Industries / Photo Credit: KUTV

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