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First Fast-Charged Plug-in Hybrid Bus Debuts in Sweden

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In brief: A fast-charged hybrid bus has debuted on the streets of Umea, Sweden using a new charging station called the Busbaar.

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In a collaboration between Hybricon AB, Opbrid SL, e-Traction BV, Umeå Energi AB and the Umeå City Corporation, a hybrid bus called the Arctic Whisper is operating on city bus routes. Its charging station, the Oprid B?sbaar, is situated at the end of the bus' route, allowing it to park and recharge during driver's breaks.

The Busbaar can recharge the bus to full in 5-10 minutes after a full route. This extends the all-electric range of the plug-in hybrid bus, lowering overall emissions.

The Busbaar is an overhead charging station which the bus connects to in a way similar to a pantograph. The connection is near-automatic with the driver only having to flip a switch to make the connection and begin charging. This means easy operator requirements for plug-in and faster hook ups and disconnects.

The bus itself (pictured) is a Volvo e-Traction (converted 7700) to run as a battery-dominant hybrid. It can run all-electric for up to 3 hours and uses a diesel generator for on-board charging. When using the Busbaar, the bus can operate up to 18 hours all-electric without using a drop of diesel.

And so ...

The e-Traction conversion to a more battery-dominant bus capable of taking a fast charge took only 6 weeks to complete. If tests go well, it may be offered on the open market via Volvo.

Photo credits: PR Web


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