N.Y. Doctor Investigated After Allegedly Ejaculating On Sedated Patient's Face


New York doctor David Newman reportedly gave a female patient morphine and then ejaculating on her face.

Newman, 45, has been described as an emergency physician with a leading voice in health care reform, the New York Daily News reports. Now, he’s being questioned by police for the alleged assault. Since the report, Newman has been barred from seeing patients.

“We are aware of an allegation that has been made against one of our physicians,” Mount Sinai Hospital wrote in a statement, according to the Daily News. “This is a matter under investigation and we are fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities. We take this matter very seriously and are conducting our own internal investigation.”

The patient who reported the crime showed up at Mount Sinai Hospital around 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 11. She complained of pain in her right shoulder, was taken to a private room, and administered two pain pills in addition to a shot for inflammation.

Because the woman was still in pain, a nurse gave her morphine and sent her to change into a gown for X-rays.

The woman reported that she removed her shirt and bra but kept her pants on. While she was still dressed in a gown, Newman walked into the room and told her he was going to give her a shot of morphine. When she replied that a nurse had already given her one shot, Newman reportedly gave her the second shot anyway.

When the woman said she felt pain in the right side of her chest, Newman reportedly began fondling her breasts, according to sources who spoke with the Daily News. Newman then allegedly moved her bed away from the wall and turned his back to her – according to the woman, she heard the sound of someone masturbating.

Newman then ejaculated on her face, according to the woman, although she couldn’t move because she was heavily medicated. Newman then wiped off the semen with a blanket.

A nurse later returned to the room.

“What is wrong with her?" the nurse reportedly asked a staffer. "Why is she like this?”

The nurse and another doctor, Andrew Jagoda, roused the woman and asked her what happened. However, the patient was unable to respond. 

Later, when the woman later woke up, walked into the bathroom and spotted semen on her gown and face. She placed it in a bag as evidence.

Newman has been the subject of a medical malpractice suit in the past, although it was dismissed by a judge. 

Sources: Jezebel, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: Jezebel, Heavy.com

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