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Mom Captures Son's Hilarious Expression After The First Day Of School (Photo)

We’ve talked at length before about the difference between the first and second days of school. In summary: the first day is great, but the harsh reality of the school year routine sets in soon after.

Well, today we’ve got a young man who takes issue with that “the first day is great” notion. Our little friend completed his first day of kindergarten recently, and his parents took pictures of him before and after the school day. The difference is astounding.

Before class, we see a bright-eyed young man bursting with energy and ambition. What will he color today? Will they play his favorite game at recess? Will he finally memorize that ever-elusive q-r-s-t sequence of the alphabet? The possibilities are endless.

But after class, we see a dejected soul whose first exposure to the daily grind you and I call “life” proved too crushing to handle. The handwriting lessons, the phonics, the subtraction problems. God, the subtraction problems.

“Is this what life is?” he asks himself. “Counting down the seconds to the end of the day, hoping only to have a few hours to myself before going to bed, waking up and doing it all over again?”

It gets better, little man. You’ll learn to cope:

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Source: Imgur


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