Dashcam Records Officer Pulling Man To Safety (Video)


A Dashboard camera captured the dramatic moment a Texas police officer rescued a man from a burning truck (video below).

The incident occurred on Feb. 22. A 29-year-old man had crashed his 1995 Chevy Suburban into a wall on the exit ramp of a freeway, My San Antonio News reported.

Authorities said the man was driving at high speeds. His car caught on fire and that’s when Corpus Christi Police Officer Jon McGinley took action.

In the video, officer McGinley is seen smashing the passenger side window of the man’s car with his baton.

“Come on man, get out of the car,” McGinley shouts at the man as he makes his way inside the vehicle. ”Hey, your truck's on fire, get out. Come on!”

A bystander is seen running toward the car to help the officer drag the man out of the vehicle. Other witnesses run toward the car to help out as well.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated for non-life threatening injuries. He is not facing any charges at this time, KRIS-TV reported.

Sources: My San Antonio News, KRIS-TV / Photo Credit: KRIS-TV

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