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Fireworks Stand Owner Shoots Attempted Robber (Video)

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A worker in Houston, Texas, turned the tables against a would-be robber when he shot the man after being forced at gunpoint to hand over money. 

At around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, two men drove to the Black Cat Fireworks stand, with one staying in the car while the other approached the stand. As he approached, the robber pulled out his gun and demanded money from the clerk.

“They told him we want the money and he tried to talk him out of it, so he said 'I have to go to this little room and get the money,” owner Richard Treichel said.

The employee then drew his own gun and shot the suspect four times in the face, back and wrist. The accomplice in the car fled the scene when the shooting occurred.

The suspect was flown to a nearby hospital in serious condition, and the employee was uninjured.

“I'm just very glad he didn't get hurt,” Treichel told “He's a nice guy and he didn't deserve this.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office believes that the suspects were involved in other robberies in the area over several days, including two that reportedly took place the same night of the attempted theft at Black Cat Fireworks.

“I understand he robbed at least two other places tonight and shot at the complainants,” Harris County Sgt. Scott Ashmore told KTRK.

Treichel told reporters that, in his 25 years in the fireworks business, an incident like this had never happened before.

Sources: KTRK,, KHOU / Photo Credit:


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