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Drunk Driver Kills 5-Year-Old Boy

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A 5-year-old boy was killed after an allegedly drunk driver crashed into an apartment building where the child was sleeping.

The accident occurred in a Los Angeles neighborhood early in the morning, and police are currently planning to speak to another driver who they believe might have cut the suspect off. Surveillance footage showed a car making a U-turn, which caused the suspect to swerve and drive into the apartment building. 

“It is part of the investigation,” Captain George Rodriguez told KTLA regarding the other driver.

“I’m sure at some point we’re going to want to talk to the driver of that vehicle.”

The suspect’s car pinned the boy and his father, though the father survived. The boy’s mother and sisters were also injured in the crash. When police investigated the scene, they found a letter to Santa written by the boy. 

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“I believe the driver didn’t even brake or tried to brake just went through,” an anonymous neighbor said. “You would think they’re in the safest place, they’re home, but you just never know."

The heartbreaking story went viral, with many commenting on the suspect and DUIs in general.

“I've talked to many people who casually speak of a night of drinking in which then they drive themselves after like they're somehow invincible. DUIs are a joke penalty, we need harsher CONSEQUENCES because people seem to think there aren't any,” one reader commented on KTLA’s Facebook page.

“It goes far beyond not posting checkpoint alerts, there are many reasons people post checkpoint warnings, let's get serious and find solutions instead of pointing fingers, just a suggestion!” another added.

Sources: KTLA, KTLA/Facebook / Photo credit: KTLA

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