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Firefighter's Violent Social Media Post About Cops: 'We Have To Start Putting Them In Body Bags'

A Virginia firefighter is under investigation for allegedly encouraging violence against police officers on social media.

“We have to start putting them in body bags…” Khalil Abdul-Rasheed reportedly commented on a Facebook post about police brutality, reports TheBlaze.

“Stop filming and rally to your fellow citizen,” reads Statter911’s screenshot of Abdul-Rasheed’s post. “Pull the cops off, lay on the individual, form a circle or throw punches. Do something … they cant massacre a mob. If ur on the hi way pull over and show force.”

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Abdul-Rasheed, who has worked for the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department for 15 years, had the opportunity to clarify his words.

“My point is ‘Hey don’t stand around and let that happen,’” Abdul-Rasheed wrote. “Come together and protect the individual even if you have to lay on top of them or pull cops off, they’re not going to shoot everyone.”

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue has taken steps to address this issue, it said in an official statement.

“The Fairfax County Firefighter involved in the social media post has been placed on paid administrative leave,” the statement says. “An internal investigation process is underway.”

While police brutality is a major issue about which many Americans have been increasingly vocal, Abdul-Rasheed’s controversial words have sparked polarizing opinions.

Some of his neighbors who know him personally spoke to reporters about the firefighter and his recent words.

“Nobody should be posting that,” neighbor Jerry Connell told MyFoxDC. Connell said he is “not in favor of any kind of violence against anyone.”

“It's not surprising to me, but it's not something that I would expect because he's so cool,” he added.

Another neighbor, who requested to remain anonymous, said they know Abdul-Rasheed as a “good person” who “takes care of his kids.”

“He probably shouldn't urge attacks, but something needs to be done,” the neighbor said. “They have to be held accountable, and right now, they're not being held accountable,” the neighbor added.

Sources: TheBlaze, Statter911, MyFoxDC / Photo credit: Screenshot MyFoxDC


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