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LA Firefighters Discover Kitten Trapped In Bulldozer While Battling Cabin Fire (Video)

A group of California firefighters did their jobs and then some after saving a newborn kitten they found underneath a bulldozer.

Los Angeles city firefighters successfully contained a cabin fire in Angeles National Forest on Sunday, KTLA 5 News reported (video below). Later on that evening, they started hearing strange noises coming from one of the bulldozers.

“It got really quiet and we heard some noises and we kind of wondered what it was and we all started to look around,” Nathan Helton, one of the firefighters, told the news station. “We got our flashlights out and we looked underneath the dozer and dangling from under the dozer was this really dusty cat that was just covered in dust and had been in the engine compartment all day that day, all day the day before.”

The kitten was reportedly no more than a couple of days old and its eyes were not even fully opening.

Helton believes the bulldozer came from the county yard with the cat already inside. He said he was shocked the baby kitten survived.

“Somehow this cat survived all of that -- the high temperatures, the vibration, the noise and the dust -- and we just took compassion on it because we realized it had been through so much already,” Helton said.

Sources: KTLA, Stryk

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube 


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