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Firefighters Save Home, Leave Owners Apology Note

A group of firefighters who prevented a blaze from destroying a home in Colorado also left behind a note that brought the homeowners to tears.

Forget about the heroism involved in the flame-fighting; these guys not only faced death inside this house, but also felt so badly about tracking dirt up the stairs inside that they left behind what is quite possibly the most polite note ever written, considering the circumstances, of course. 

The note read: “Sorry for tracking the upstairs carpet, needed to close windows to keep fire out!”

The homeowner, who posted a picture of the note under the Reddit screen name Nmky77, wrote with it “Colorado Blackforest Fire - Firefighters left this note after saving our house. Cried for about 10 minutes after seeing this.”

Nmky77 also posted via Reddit two videos of the Colorado Black Forest fire, one of which reads “we barely made it out of there.”

The Black Forest Fire has devastated a number of homes and land in Colorado. A recent post on the Facebook page dedicated to keeping people up-to-date on the fire, however, assures residents that the fire is now 100% contained. “This still leaves a lot of recovery work and a lot of other Colorado residents facing the path of flames across the state,” the page reads. “We must be diligent in our support and efforts to reclaim our beautiful state from the flames.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit


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