Firefighter Rescues Construction Worker From Raging Blaze (Video)


A dramatic rescue occurred yesterday in Houston, Texas where an apartment building under construction caught fire, leaving a worker stranded on the burning $55 million complex.

As the flames grew close to him, the construction worker jumped down to a lower level (video below).

A fire truck soon maneuvered its ladder close to him and a firefighter rescued the worker, noted the Associated Press.

More than 200 emergency personnel battled the fire for over two hours before ending the blaze, which destroyed the building.

"There was a report of a couple of guys working on the roof doing welding," Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Greg Lewis told the Houston Chronicle. "When our units arrived, there was a small fire and construction workers were attempting to put it out. There was sustained wind of 15 to 20 miles an hour, and it was a wind driven fire."

Sources: Houston Chronicle and Associated Press


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