Cleveland EMS Worker Fired For Comment About Tamir Rice


A Cleveland, Ohio, EMS captain was fired after posting a Facebook status that said he wished he'd shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

The mayor's office told WJW that Jamie Marquardt was fired for the controversial Facebook status, which stated that he thought Rice "should have been shot."

"I am glad he is dead," he wrote. "I wish I was in the park that day as he terrorized innocent patrons by pointing a gun at them. I am upset I did not get the chance to kill the little criminal (expletive).”

On that same Facebook account later in the day, another status was posted in an apparent attempt to clarify the earlier remarks.

"Someone picked up my phone and made some awful posts under my name," the second status read, according to WJW. "I want to apologize for those who thought it was me. I do not believe or stand for what was written."

The Cleveland Office of Integrity Control subsequently launched and investigation following the status, which lead to Marquardt's termination.

"The posts were not acceptable and do not represent the views or standards of the City of Cleveland administration, Department of Public Safety or Division of Emergency Medical Services," city spokesman Dan Williams told Cleveland.com

Cleveland NAACP president Mike Nelson responded to Marquardt's post after it went viral.

"If he’s making these statements and making them boldly and publicly, then it’s setting a dangerous precedent, and it’s a cause for great concern," Nelson told WJW. "People of consciousness and good will are gonna have to become more visible and vocal to start drowning out the voices of intolerance.”

A Cleveland Police officer shot and killed Rice in a park in 2014 after a concerned resident called in about the 12-year-old waving around a gun, which was ultimately determined to be an airsoft gun that looked like a handgun. Officers shot Rice at close range after believing he reached for a weapon as they approached him.

In December 2015, the officers involved were cleared of criminal charges.

Sources: WJW(2), Cleveland.com / Photo credit: Screenshot Via NewsNet5

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