Fire Tongs Impale Man's Head And Lives (Photo)


A man feared for his life after having a pair of fire tongs impaled through his head.

Zhan Xuecheng was struck by the foot-long tool as he was walking home in Taoyuan Town, southern China’s Hunan Province, the Daily Mail reports.

In a shocking X-ray photo, the metal tool can be seen going through the back of the man’s skull and coming out of his forehead.

The tongs were allegedly thrown by a man who was running after a stray dog that had stolen some of his bacon.

Zhang was taken to a local hospital where he underwent lengthy surgery to remove the metal instrument.

“The fire tongs were only a tiny space away from the neck artery, which could have cost his life,” chief surgeon Pu Yuejin said.

Zhang survived the bizarre incident and is recovering in the hospital, doctors said.

According to Science News, humans surviving such incidents are not uncommon. As long as the object does not strike any major arteries or organs, and infection doesn’t set in, a person can live through the wound.


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