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Animal Cruelty: 5,000 Abused Pigs Killed in Iowa Fire

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As if their lives on an Iowa factory farm weren't wretched enough, nearly 5,000 pigs perished when a fire broke out in what the media accurately calls a "confinement facility." Locked in gestation crates with no possibility of escape, these mothers and babies could only watch as the flames and smoke approached.

Crammed into tiny metal stalls, pigs on factory farms have little chance to survive a disaster.

Iowa is the number one pig-flesh–producing state in the nation, and in 2008, prompted by a whistleblower's report, a PETA undercover investigation of an Iowa factory farm that supplied pigs for Hormel Foods revealed that workers were beating pigs with metal rods, sexually abusing them with canes, and more.

Six workers were charged with 22 countsof livestock neglect and abuse, and all admitted guilt. It was Iowa's first convictionsfor abuse or neglect of factory-farmed pigs.

Hideous cruelty like this will occur out of sight if a bill pending in Iowa's legislature passes. The bill would subject whistleblowers to criminal prosecution for exposing animal abuse on factory farms. Please speak out right now!

Written by Jennifer O'Connor


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