'Fire Challenge' Is The Latest Online Trend, And It Has Serious Consequences (Video)


A dangerous new game has popped up on social media, and now, experts are warning teens of the consequences.

The “Fire Challenge” is trending online, and in order to complete the challenge, participants are supposed to light themselves on fire in a particular area and quickly put it out.

“It seems the point of the challenge is to spray a small amount of flammable liquid like alcohol or perfume on an area of the body and light it on fire for a few moments,” explains the NY Daily News. “Accidents seem to happen if too much liquid is spread or they are unable to extinguish the flame quickly enough.”

Just recently, a 15-year-old boy suffered second-degree burns after pouring alcohol on his chest and setting himself on fire.

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“I don't know, I wasn't thinking really,” the teen admitted to WKYT.

Dr. Harvey Rosenstock, a Houston, Texas psychiatrist, explains why many people, especially teens, are attempting this dangerous game.

“The idea is that 'I am very macho,'” said Rosenstock. “Unfortunately, you get people to view it and with the phenomenon of scale, everybody else wants to do it. 'I can do what this guy can do' and 'I can even up the ante.’”

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Despite a growing number of reports that people have been seriously injured from this game, more videos appear to be popping up online every day.

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