Find Out In 5 Seconds If You Are A Creative Or Analytical Person (Video)

UK psychologist Richard Wiseman has a new party trick for you.

According to Wiseman, there’s an easy way to see if someone is more right or left-brain dominant.

Take the test in the video below, and then check out the explanation we included below it.

If you ask someone to clasp their hands together and their right thumb is over their left thumb, that person is a so-called “left brainer.” Left-brainers are likely to be more verbal, analytical, and logical.

If someone clasps their hands together and places their left thumb over their right thumb, they are what Wiseman calls a “right brainer.” Right brainers are typically more creative, intuitive, and artistic.

Of course, Wiseman admits, the whole “left brain – right brain” paradigm isn’t a concrete scientific concept. It’s more of a way of categorizing personalities.

Regardless, watch this video and try out his fun little test. If nothing else, you’ve discovered a fun new ice breaker when meeting people.

Source: YouTube


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