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Filmmaker Phelim McAleer Calls Matt Damon a "Liar" over Film About Fracking

'Promised Land,' a new film about a controversial technique called 'fracking,' stars Matt Damon, who co-wrote the film, opens soon.

Fracking is a process in which natural gas is obtained through drilling and setting off pressurized fluid explosions underground.

In response, conservative filmmaker Phelim McAleer is launching a one-man campaign to call Damon out about the film.

McAleer directed the documentary 'FrackNation,' which paints a more sympathetic portrayal of fracking. He previously attacked Al Gore for his film about global warming, 'An Inconvenient Truth.'

McAleer told that 'Promised Land' is "classic propaganda. It’s political from the beginning to the very end.”

“I don’t want to call Matt Damon a liar but he’s a liar, really. It’s a deeply political movie and it’s deeply disingenuous for Matt Damon to say otherwise. … Matt Damon isn’t telling the truth.”

McAleer’s criticism of the film is how fracking can contaminate local water supplies to the point of making water flammable, which happened in the 2010 documentary, 'Gasland.'

McAleer claims that “the water has always been on fire. This stuff can get into the water supply naturally. In America hundreds of years ago, native Americans named three different locations ‘Burning Springs.’"

"Quite simply, this is because of the naturally occurring gases, like methane, that are found beneath the earth’s surface and that can rise to the surface with water. This pre-dates fracking and, in fact, there is no evidence that suggests that fracking has led to an increase in this phenomenon.”


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