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Film Crew Finds $8.5M Cash Stuffed In A Crate While Shooting Documentary About Bailiffs

During filming of a documentary about bailiffs in London, both the bailiffs and the show’s crew were shocked to discover $8.5 million in cash stashed in a wooden crate in an apartment.

The television documentary’s crew captured the startling discovery on camera when bailiffs arrived at the apartment to execute a warrant. Police were called to the scene and the cash was taken to be authenticated.

"Police were called at approximately 1025 hrs on Wednesday, 11 June to an address in Wards Wharf Apartments, E16 after a large quantity of cash was found by bailiffs who were executing a warrant there,” said a police spokesman in a statement. “Detectives from Newham are investigating.”

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Pictures of the cash have now surfaced, and it is obvious that the person was trying to hide the large amount of money.

Police have confirmed that there is no suspicion of terrorism, but a 29-year-old man was quickly arrested and charged with money laundering. He is currently out on bail while police continue their investigation, and authorities say they are not sure if other people are connected to the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Metro


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