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Rare Megamouth Shark Discovered In Phillipines

Fishermen in the Phillipines were amazed when they discovered a rare 15-foot long megamouth shark washed up to shore.

Reports say that the group of fishermen found the incredible shark dead and washed up on the shore of a local beach. Thankfully, the fishermen were able to document their discovery, and experts say that megamouth sharks are almost never seen.

“We know so little about it,” Christopher Boyd, a Ph.D. student studying deep-sea sharks at the University of Southampton in England, told the Washington Post. “It wasn't discovered really until 1976. It's only really seen when it's accidentally caught in fishermen's nets or when it is stranded on beaches.”

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Reports say that megamouth sharks generally live for an average of 100 years and usually can reach up to 17 feet long. The megamouth spends most of its time feeding on shrimp and other small sea creatures, and they reportedly got the name megamouth because of their enormous jaws that generally house around 50 rows of teeth.

The cause of this megamouth’s death is unknown, but The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources is reportedly investigating.

Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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