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Fights At Kentucky Malls Highlight Black Friday Violence (Video)

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Video (below) surfaced on Nov. 27 of several fights breaking out at Kentucky malls, kick-starting the violence known to occur on Black Friday.

In a video of an intense fight in Louisville, Kentucky, two unidentified men are seen slapping and punching each other as they move around the halls of a mall filled with shoppers, reports the New York Daily News. A woman is seen being knocked to the floor, before a police officer breaks up the brawl.

A second fight was also reported at a separate mall in Florence, Kentucky, involving a group of men.

Black Friday has become known for prompting violent behavior among shoppers attempting to get deals at stores and malls across the country.

Watch the Louisville brawl below.

Sources: New York Daily News, YouTube, Taylor Stewart/Twitter / Photo credit: New York Daily News 

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