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Fighter Jet Flies So Low Air Show Spectators Forced to Duck and Cover (Video)

Spectators at an air show in England were shocked when a Typhoon fighter jet whizzed just over their heads, sending them running and ducking for cover.

A group of spectators were set up on a road just outside the Royal Air Force Waddington showground last week to get a closer look during the jet’s landing. As the plane looks as though it would clip a barrier at the foot of the runway, spectator run for their lives, some hit the ground and were sprayed with jet wash.

“Well this came as a shock, the rate of descent was so quick,” said a spectator who post footage of the event on Youtube. “Either very skilled or very lucky, you decide. I'm saying SKILL!”

In a statement, the Royal Air Force called the landing “completely normal and within all normal parameters.”

“Individuals placing themselves under the flight path of aircraft that operate hugely powerful jet engines should not be surprised if they experience jet wash, nevertheless, the RAF apologises for any inconvenience caused,” said an RAF spokesman.

He explained there was no damage to the guard barrier or to the aircraft.

Sources: Daily MailTheBlaze


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