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Video Of Fight In Subway Restaurant Goes Viral (Video)

A fight between two men at a Subway restaurant in Towson, Maryland, has resulted in one arrest and the video of the incident going viral (video below).

Jonathan Pugh, 26, was charged with disorderly conduct, damaging property and disturbing the peace after he pushed an unknown man through a plate glass window early Saturday.

Police said both men suffered minor injuries in the fight, which occurred at 1:49 a.m. at a Subway restaurant in the 400 block of York Road, according to WBAL. However, both men declined to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

A policeman on patrol witnessed the entire incident, and helped the man who was thrown through the window before arresting Pugh.

A video taken by two friends eating at the restaurant has gone viral.

“My sandwich was actually on the toaster,” commented Alex Bennett, one of the two friends, to ABC 2.

The video shows the two men arguing as they wait in line. When one head-butts the other, it quickly turns in to a physical brawl. It is the man who attempted the head-butt who eventually ends up going through the window, with his face bloodied as a result.

Due to the video footage, police have not ruled out making further charges against Pugh or the second man involved.

It remains unclear what caused the fight. Police said the second man left the scene quickly before he could be identified, WBAL reported.

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Photo Credit: WXII 12, Screenshot/YouTube


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