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Fight Breaks Out in iPhone Line, Homeless People Hired to Hold Places

Two men were arrested and a third was placed on a 72-hour mental health hold after allegedly getting into a fight outside an Apple store in Pasadena, Calif.

People were lined up outside the store overnight to buy the new 5C iPhone and 5S iPhone.

The alleged fist fight broke out early this morning, according to Police Lt. Jason Clawson.

It's not clear exactly what the fight was over, but it may have been a squabble between homeless men who had been hired to stand in line for iPhone customers.

Lt. Clawson told the Associated Press that when Apple store ran out of the new iPhones, the homeless men were not paid by the customers and became angry.

People also camped outside stores from New York City to London for the entire week to get the new iPhones.

In London, Gad Harari, 17, and his friend Noah Green, 17, set up a tent in the pouring rain on Tuesday for a four-day wait: "We are always among the first to get a new iPhone. I came down last night to be the first, this time we really wanted to be first. It's how you really show your dedication to Apple products. As well as that, you do have the opportunity to sell your space."

Source: Associated Press


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