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Fight Breaks Out Between Nail Salon Owner And Customer Over Manicure For Child (Video)

Police are investigating a fight that reportedly broke out on Feb. 26 between a customer and a nail salon owner in Lancaster, California.

Surveillance cameras captured the brawl between customer Tawana Davis and Excellent Nail Spa owner Kathy Nguyen, and the dispute reportedly started after Nguyen told Davis to leave when Davis got angry that the salon wouldn’t give her 1-year-old daughter a manicure. Davis didn’t think that it was right for them to ignore her request for her daughter to get her nails painted, but Nguyen said she has the right to refuse service to anyone.

“I continued to go back and forth with her about why everyone ignored the request that I had made,” Davis told CBS Los Angeles.

At one point, Davis seems to grab a bottle of nail polish from the wall and checks the color, looking as if she’s going to buy it, but Nguyen grabs it from her hand and asks her to leave. Davis, with her daughter in her arms, appears to push Nguyen, who proceeds to push right back. The child is then put down right before the brawl appears to escalate.

The women go back and forth hitting each other in the face and pulling each other’s hair while employees seemingly attempt to break up the fight. At one point, Nguyen seems tries to grab something on the desk to hit Davis with.

Nguyen reportedly pressed a silent panic button during the fight to alert police, and when they arrived, Davis was arrested on suspicion of robbery because Nguyen claimed she stole a bottle of nail polish. Davis denies those claims, and plans to file a civil lawsuit.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS Los Angeles, KTLA / Photo Source: CBS Los Angeles


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