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Viral Fight Video Ends Unexpectedly With Lesson

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A group of Atlantic City, New Jersey, teenagers learned a valuable lesson about violence, perception and relationships when a more experienced passerby broke up a fight.

The viral video, posted on March 21, begins with two Atlantic City high schoolers in the middle of the street with their fists raised. They begin to take swings at one another. In the background, the sounds of other teens egging the fight participants on can be heard. There's a grapple and then a brief pause. In that moment, a man who happened to be walking by changed the course of their lives.

The man, identified by the Press of Atlantic City as Ibn Ali Miller, steps between the two fighters and draws their attention away from one another and to their so-called friends surrounding them, laughing.

The video takes a dramatic turn as Miller halts the fight and turns the incident into a lesson for everyone present. He begins to lecture the two teens in the street with their fists raised, as well as those laughing and recording the fight.

Miller questions what the two teens are fighting over, and neither are able to give a proper response. Miller then blasts the teens who are watching and laughing instead of helping.

"All y'all are the real cowards," Miller says. "Record that too," he added, gesturing to the crowd that had gathered to gawk and record. "Everybody on the phone, record that."

"Anybody who can laugh at you while you're upset ain't your friend," he said while keeping the two teens separate.

Miller urges the crowd to behave with more civility and kindness to one another, and he shows the teens that these kinds of actions have repercussions.

He points out the effect the fight has on the participants, on those watching, and even on all of the parents. This fight wouldn't just hurt them in the short term, and the damage wouldn't be limited to just the fighting boys; with a recording on the internet, this could have come back to haunt them, or gone on to affect their family members.

"You all got parents," Miller says. "Don't make your parents look like this."

Tenifa Peeler, the mother of the boy who posted the video, says she's grateful for Miller's intervention, according to Breaking AC.

"I'm very, very thankful," Peeler said." Hopefully he taught both of them a life lesson."

Those who have seen the video also praise Miller for effectively turning the confrontation into a teachable moment. 

The video ends with Miller urging all involved teens to step up and make amends. He tells both teens to shake hands.

"You all got to do that right now," Miller says. "You all don't shake hands, I'm not leaving."

The teens shake, and a potentially dangerous incident becomes a desperately needed lesson about kindness.


Sources: Breaking AC, Press of Atlantic City, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube

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