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Fight Between Children At Day Care Center Recorded Via Snapchat, Two Charged

A Snapchat video captured what appears to be a brawl between children at a Teach Me Child Care in Mansfield, Ohio, on June 4. 

“My son (Cashmere Smith was) sitting in a timeout chair coloring and then you hear somebody say ‘Get him.’ And a bigger boy, a 6-year-old boy, pounces on my son, yanks him out of the chair and starts wailing on him. And a little girl comes over and joins in on the fight,” stepmother Ruby Fultz told Fox 8.

The video was apparently recorded by an employee, who then posted it to the social media app. 

“You can hear the employee saying on the video, while the two kids are beating up the other kid that, quote, ‘They gang bang on the white kid,’” said Lt. Robert Skropits.

Argene Washington, 59, the day care center’s owner, and her employee, Shakari Hawkins, 21, have been charged with endangering children, a misdemeanor.

Fultz doesn’t believe Washington had anything to do with the beat down her 4-year-old endured.

“For one, she wasn’t there because she wouldn’t let that happen. I believe that in my heart because my kid’s been there for a year you know. If I didn’t feel my kids were safe, I wouldn’t keep taking them there. This was a new employee that she just hired and she did her job, she fired the chick right there on the spot,” Fultz said.

Washington told the Mansfield News Journal that she fired Hawkins. “I fired the employee immediately when I was made aware of what happened,” she said. “I don’t allow my employees to behave this way with children entrusted to my care.”

However, Mansfield Police Capt. Shari Robertson believes Washington was involved. “Based on the information we had gathered during the investigation, it became apparent Ms. Washington was aware or had knowledge of the assault on the child,” Robertson said. 

Cashmere reportedly suffered only minor injuries and scrapes.

Sources: Mansfield News Journal, Fox 8 Image via AdamPrzezdziek/Flickr


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