Fetish Model ‘Amazon Amanda’ Crushes Men For A Living


Meet Amanda Soule, a fetish model who makes her living crushing men.

Soule, better known as Amazon Amanda, stands a towering 6-foot-3 with a weight of 280 pounds and gets paid by men all over the world who want to be wrestled, squashed, crushed or just seen out in public with a large woman.

In the video below, you can see Amanda meet one of her fans, the 5-foot-3 Sergio Miranda of New Jersey.

After growing too big to be a mainstream model, she became an Amazon model, Mirror.co.uk reports.

The most shocking request Amanda has gotten was when a terminally-ill man asked her if she would crush him to death.

“Being a professional Amazon model, you do get your fair share of strange requests,” she says. “But being offered [more than $50,000] to squash someone to death was the most bizarre. Of course I said no.”

The 38-year-old says there is nothing sexual about her job, though some of her clients become suggestive during meetings.

“Although some of my clients get aroused during the sessions, Iʼm never naked and there is never any sex involved,” Amanda says.

At 12 years old, Amanda was 6 feet tall and weighed 168 pounds. She felt weird in her own body because she was even bigger than her male teachers.

“I was growing so quickly, and I didnʼt know how to adjust,” she says. “Now I embrace being tall – if Iʼm going out with tall friends, Iʼll wear heels so I donʼt have to be the shortest.”

She loves her job but says: “Dating sucks – finding guys who arenʼt intimidated by my height is so hard. I actually prefer shorter men, between 5’7” and 5’10”.”

Check out the video of Amanda meeting Sergio for the first time in New York City:

Sources: BuzzFeed, Daily Mirror

Video Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV


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