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Ferrari Driver Skids off Road, Slides Down Canyon (Video)

An unidentified driver recently lost control of a Ferrari 360, slid off the road, crashed through some trees and slid down the embankment of a canyon in Malibu, California.

According to, the crash occurred on a curvy stretch of Mulholland Drive and was filmed (video below) by YouTube user RNickeyMouse.

RNickeyMouse wrote on his YouTube page:

Ferrari 360 Modena strikes a tree then rolls down a steep hillside in Malibu. Driver had cuts to head but was otherwise ok, passenger was uninjured.

RNickeyMouse and another person scurried down the embankment to check on the driver and passenger. The next part of the video shows a fire truck at the scene. notes, "The likely culprit is a little too much gas being applied as the car exits what appears to be a hairpin turn in the road... Unfortunately the 360 Modena didn’t up so well, as its roof appears to be crushed and the rear, where the engine lies, significantly damaged as well."

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