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Feroz Khan Sells Daughter's Newborn Baby Boy on Facebook

A man in India was found to be trying to buy a stolen baby on Facebook. He paid $14,749 for the baby after it was kidnapped and posted on the social media site.

The mother's father Feroz Khan kidnapped the child and told the woman she had a stillborn child. Khan gave the baby to a nurse who sold the child to a lab technician.

Gurpreet Singh, the lab technician, then posted the three-day-old baby on Facebook, eventually catching the attention of businessman Amit Kumar.

The little boy's mother started questioning her father after he gave her some of the cash from selling the baby.

When the mother realized he sold the baby, she contacted police who then tracked down and arrested Khan, his accomplice and two of the hospital employees who purchased the baby from him.

Kumar faces charges for paying for the child as well.

Police said Khan sold the baby because he wanted to have his daughter married again. He believed she would not find another husband if she was raising a baby.

The baby's father abandoned them before the baby was born.

Khan and the hospital employees may face up to seven years in jail.

Unfortunately, children being sold on Facebook is not unheard of. A mother in America tried selling her two children for $4,000 when she was financially strapped. 

Sources: Inquisitr, IB Times


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