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Ferguson Witness Dorian Johnson Admits Not Seeing Bullet Hit Michael Brown In The Back

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A transcript of Dorian Johnson’s interview with police after the shooting death of his friend Michael Brown has been released after being “inadvertently excluded” from documents made public following the grand jury decision. The interview, which was conducted by FBI and local officials just four days after the fatal shooting, was similar to the grand jury testimony he gave later with the exception of one key detail.

According to the Daily Mail, both the August 9th police interview and the grand jury testimony maintain that officer Darren Wilson was the aggressor throughout the incident. Johnson said in both statements that he never saw Michael Brown reach for officer Wilson’s gun, contrary to what Wilson told the grand jury.

When Wilson shot Brown in the hand from inside his vehicle, Brown and Johnson began to run. Johnson told the grand jury that he then witnessed Michael Brown being shot in the back, but the newly released police interview finds the young man admitting that this was not the case. 

Johnson initially told police in the August interview that he did witness a bullet his Brown in the back.

“If it would’ve missed him, of if he wouldn’t have felt it, I believe he would’ve kept runnin’,” Johnson said.

After additionally questioning, Johnson told authorities that he did not actually see a bullet his Brown’s back. He maintained, however, that Brown’s back was facing Wilson when a shot was fired. 

Johnson, and almost all of the 62 witnesses who testified before the grand jury, said that Brown then turned around and faced officer Wilson. 

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch apologized for not initially releasing the transcript of Johnson’s interview, but said that all documents that can be made public have been released.

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