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Ferguson Protestors Roast Pig Named Darren Wilson

One year after police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown, protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, commemorated the event by roasting a pig with Darren Wilson’s name on it.

TheBlaze reports that organizers in the St. Louis suburb carved and ate a roasted pig with “#DarrenWilson” written on its side and a police officer’s cap on its head on Aug. 8.

“That’s Darren Wilson, right there,” somebody said, while taking a video of the pig’s head.

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Many others took pictures and videos, including one photo with a sign that read, “Whole Damn System is Guilty,” which was propped up by a carving knife stuck into the pig’s rear.

“Right into the loin, that’s what I want,” one man said while slicing the pig down the middle.

One woman conducted a mock interview with “Officer Wilson,” according to the Daily Mail. After participants posed with, cut up and feasted on the pork, they saved the swine’s head and displayed it outside the local police department building during a protest that night.

Protestor Orlando Brown reportedly tried to get the St. Louis county police officers overseeing the protest to pose for a picture with the pig’s head, but they refused.

That same day, Michael Brown Sr., the father of Michael Brown, led a rally of hundreds of people, many of whom wore T-shirts that said “Chosen for Change,” which is the Brown family’s nonprofit. Many others wore T-shirts with pictures of Michael Brown and phrases common to last year’s protest, such as “Please stop killing us” and “Hands up! Don’t Shoot.”

“God is good,” said Jana Gamble, a spokeswoman for Chosen For Change, according to STL Today. “It all came together like it was supposed to.”

One man was shot in the arm after an altercation during the protests, but they were otherwise peaceful — a huge contrast from one year ago.

After Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown on Aug. 9, 2014, both the St. Louis County grand jury and the U.S. Department of Justice decided not to indict Wilson, who resigned shortly after in November.

Michael Brown’s death sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and caused months of large-scale protests in Ferguson and throughout the U.S.

Sources: TheBlaze, Daily Mail, STL Today / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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