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Ferguson Residents Protect Local Restaurant From Looters

Ferguson residents protected a local restaurant during riots this week.

Cathy’s Kitchen, locally owned and operated by Ferguson residents Jerome and Cathy Jenkins, sits next to the Ferguson Police Department on South Florissant Road.

When protesters lined up on the street following the grand jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson in the deadly shooting of Michael Brown, the Jenkins family knew what they had to do. They closed up Cathy’s Kitchen and posted a sign that read, “Closed Until Further Notice!”

The riots on the street that night were horrible, but a bright light shone for the Jenkins family, even if their restaurant suffered damage come morning.

A group of residents had locked arms to protect the restaurant from vandals. Cathy had seen video of them doing so after she received a text that her restaurant had been vandalized.

"I wish I knew who they were," said Jerome to CNN, "because I really would like to thank them."

People took notice on Twitter, too.

“Why are the rioters looting Cathy’s Kitchen?! That sounds like it’s owned by a lovely African-American woman named Cathy. #Ferguson,” Kyle Tyrrell tweeted.

“Protester’s protecting Cathy’s Kitchen from angry folks. Cathy’s has been such a supportive space. #Ferguson,” tweeted Rachel Lee.

“YEA, LEAVE CATHY’S KITCHEN ALONE,” Jason D. added via tweet.

The Jenkins family planned to clean up the damage sustained to Cathy’s Kitchen that morning, with the help of relatives. The help they needed came from a great deal more people, reports IJReview.

When they arrived at the restaurant, people were already picking up shards of glass from the window that had been shattered. They were not part of any agency, but customers.

"I am overwhelmed," Cathy said.

The Jenkins family plans to re-open soon but there is still extensive damage that must be repaired, and will cost a hefty sum. A GoFundMe page has been created to help raise the $22,000 they need to make things right again, and it has currently raised nearly half of what is needed.

Sources: IJReview, CNN / Photo Source: CNN


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