Ferguson Protesters Demand Arrest of Officer Darren Wilson, Take Over County Meeting (Video)

A St. Louis County Council meeting on Tuesday in Clayton, Mo., was filled by protesters from Ferguson, Mo., who demanded the arrest of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed Michael Brown five weeks ago.

Antonio French, Alderman of the 21st Ward in St. Louis, witnessed the meeting and quoted one protester on Twitter: "If Darren Wilson get off y'all better bring every army y'all got. Cause it's going down."

According to CBS News, St. Louis County Court Administrator Paul Fox recently gave a grand jury until January 2015 to decide whether or not Officer Wilson should be charged. Grand juries in the state normally decide in four weeks.

St. Louis Today notes that protesters also called for the removal of the St. Louis County prosecutor from the Brown shooting case, St. Louis County County Police Chief and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, who once claimed not one protester had been injured by his police force in spite of evidence to the contrary, reported CrooksandLiars.com.

The protesters also compared the St. Louis County government to the Ku Klux Klan and the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS.

“You are ISIS to black people,” said a protester.

One woman who did express support for the police had to be escorted out of the meeting by police for her own safety.

Ferguson protesters also threatened to shut down games played by the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams.

French tweeted another protester stating, "You better hope @Cardinals don't make it to the World Series because we're going to have an 'October Surprise' for you. #Ferguson."

During the meeting (video below), the protesters chanted: “Hey hey, ho ho, killer cops have got to go!" and "If we don't get it, shut it down!"

Sources: CBS News, CrooksandLiars.com, CBS News


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