Ferguson Protesters Attack Man (Video)


An unidentified man was reportedly attacked by Ferguson protesters on Friday night, but the reason why is unclear.

A video (below) posted to YouTube on Saturday shows Ferguson protesters running between cars at night during a road block, notes BizPacReview.com.

The young man is surrounded by protesters, one of whom call him a "white boy cocoa face."

"We gonna beat your stinking head," states one protester, noted Examiner.com.

An unidentified protester appears to grab the man by the throat.

"I wanna go home," says the man "Why are you grabbing me?"

Another protester replies, “I don’t give a f--- what you wanna do. We’re standing up for what we believe.”

It's not clear what started the altercation.

Sources: BizPacReview.com, Examiner.com


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