Ferguson Police Threaten to Shoot, Mace Reporters (Video)


Ferguson, Missouri, police reportedly threatened to shoot and mace journalists in the troubled town.

There were reports of gunshots being fired, but those sounds may have been fireworks.

According to CBS News, "Tear gas was being fired at crowds as police stood in the streets holding shields at crowds chanting 'don't shoot' while holding up their arms, which has become a symbol of protest in the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Demonstrators threw rocks at police and kicked tear gas canisters back at them."

Ferguson police told reporters to turn their cameras off and started firing tear gas at protesters, notes Gawker.com.

KARG Argus Radio reporter Mustafa Hussein was live streaming video (below) from the scene when a Ferguson police officer reportedly aimed a gun at him and said, "Get down, get the f--- out of here and get that light off, or you're getting shot with this."

"The light is off," says Hussein.

"Get the f--- out of here, you had all day!" yells the officer.

During a live broadcast (video below), MSNBC host Chris Hayes stated, "I'm getting barked at by the cops, told not to pass them." Hayes added that an officer said, "Media do not pass us, you're getting maced next time you pass us."

Financial Times reporter Neil Munshi was ordered handcuffed by Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson.

Munshi posted a video of the incident and wrote on Twitter:

Just cuffed and searched as we said we were leaving as he asked. Johnson was following us saying bring the car arete these guys.

We Act Radio confirmed on Twitter that KARG Argus Radio reporter Mustafa Hussein was threatened with a gun:

#Ferguson cops threatening media, pointed a gun at ArgusRadio.com and our producer got shot with a bean bag.

Sports Illustrated reporter Michael Klemko tweeted:

Just spoke with Capt Johnson. They've quarantined me and two other journos. Not allowed to view Florissant. "They tried to take the command"

Followed by:

Capt Johnson is now arresting us.


Captain Johnson arrested us for 2 minutes. We pleaded that we had followed every instruction. He let us go.

Tensions may continue to be high as The New York Times reports that an autopsy shows that Michael Brown was shot by a Ferguson police officer six times, twice in the head.

Sources: CBS News, Gawker.com, Twitter, The New York Times


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