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Ferguson Police Face Gunfire When They Respond To Burglary Call

Police attempting to arrest suspects during a burglary in Ferguson, Missouri, say they were shot at twice.

At around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, police officers reportedly responded to a call about a burglary at Beauty Town, which is a business that had been burned down during the protests that took place after teen Michael Brown was shot by a police officer this past summer. When they arrived, the cops reportedly placed six suspects under arrest, reports KSDK.

At that moment, a round of shots was reportedly fired at them from the Sharondale apartment complex, which is located behind the salon. They say they took cover and ducked, when a second round of shots rang out from across the street.

Police reportedly called for backup and, within 15 minutes after the shooting, had closed off the area around the salon and apartment building, reports NBC News. They were unable to find weapons or suspects they could connect to the shooting.

There were no reported injuries from the incident. The six suspects that were arrested have been taken into custody and are being charged with burglary.

Sources: KSDK, NBC News/Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr 


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