Ferguson 7-Day 'Journey For Justice' March Met With Hostility, Racism


Ferguson protesters who took their 7-day Journey for Justice march to Jefferson, Missouri, were met with hostility as they passed through the rural town of Rosebud on Wednesday.

About 50 marchers were walking through the town of 400 on their way from Ferguson to the state capital when residents who oppose their message shouted at them and held up signs telling them to “go home” and “get a job,” reports the Daily Mail.

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Some of those opposing the protesters went as far as to throw fried chicken, a melon and a 40-ounce beer bottle into the street.

Ferguson protesters reportedly continued to march as Confederate flags were displayed and someone even allegedly shot at the back window of a bus traveling with the march, reports the Missourian.

Many protesters said they were used to the treatment they encountered in Rosebud and that they would ignore it and continue marching.

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“The comments that we saw are pure ignorance,” said Rhea Willis, who grew up in St. Louis and whose parents were participants in the 1960s civil rights movement.

The NAACP, which is demanding a new police chief in Ferguson, expects about 1,000 people to join in the march as it reaches the final leg of its journey.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Missourian/Photo Credit: YouTube


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