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Ferguson Business Owner Refuses to Board Up His Shop As Others Close In Wake of Grand Jury Decision

As the city of Ferguson prepares to hear the grand jury’s decision on whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of teen Michael Brown, most of the businesses along West Florissant Avenue have boarded up their windows and plan on remaining temporarily shut – except for one.

Sonny Dayan, the owner of a cell phone store called STL Cordless, says he was a victim of senseless violence after the August incident that led to days and nights of protests in the neighborhood, reports Huffington Post. The windows of his shop were reportedly smashed, his property was stolen and he sustained thousands of dollars in damage.

But Dayan, who has been in business for 17 years in Ferguson, says there is another side to the story we all know so well – a positive one.

“I’ve got so much support and so much faith in the good of Ferguson that I’m not going to give up just because there’s some criminal elements,” Dayan said.

Although Dayan says it looks like “an Armageddon” in his community because of all of the boarded-up businesses, he insists that he will keep his doors open and continue to offer his services.

“I’m almost certain that good will overcome,” he said. “Ain’t no doubt in my mind.”

Meanwhile, police reportedly arrested six protesters overnight who they say were attempting to block a street, reports Yahoo News. A few dozen people reportedly gathered outside the city’s police station in sub-freezing temperatures and some chanted, “Indict that cop.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Yahoo News/Photo Credit:  Debra Sweet/Flickr, Huffington Post


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