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Feral Cats Dying in AZ, Poison or Deadly Feline Disease?

An Arizona family is worried that someone may be poisoning feral cats in their Chandler neighborhood. Even their veterinarian is bewildered by the symptoms.

“Five--possibly six--cats have been poisoned,” Mary Rose told 3TV. But she then admits she's not really sure what is the cause of their death.

She said her aunt has been feeding the cats for years on Monterey Street, but within the past couple of months, a number of the cats have developed similar symptoms and died.

At first there is disorientation and loss of balance, then their back legs stop working. “Then we’d soon find them dead,” Rose said.

It’s not known whether the cats are being poisoned or have a feline disease and even her veterinarian is baffled.

“It was confusing for him, he says he hasn’t seen anything like that before,” Rose said.

With the number of feral cats left in the neighborhood dwindling from possibly unnatural causes or a deadly contagious feline disease, Rose now just wants answers.

“It’s really disturbing,” she said.

Chandler police confirm they’ve investigated the case but have no leads and no real evidence yet.

Rose tells 3TV she’s reached out to animal groups, including the ASPCA, but has not received any response or help.

Source: AZ Family


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