Feral Cat Attacks, Injures Realtor and Client Inside Home

Bryn Erin Ward is recovering after being attacked by a cat on Tuesday night while showing a client a home in New Westminster, the Vancouver Sun reports. The attack left her battered and bruised--with five stitches on her face, a black eye and ugly cuts to her legs and arms.

As a female realtor, Ward said it's always in the back of her mind to be safe when showing homes to strangers.

"You worry about a serial killer coming to the door, but not a cat serial killer," she said. "I never thought it would be a cat that would do this much damage to me."

She was not the only victim. One of Ward's clients escaped unharmed in the unprovoked attack, but the other had to be taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Bryn describes what happened, "I went to turn a light out and heard this weird noise. She [the client] went to look out the window. All of a sudden this cat, a feral cat, was on top of her," Ward told Sun reporter Theresa McManus. "She fell over a table and was on the ground, and this cat was attacking her."

After escaping the animal, the women were rushed to the emergency room at Royal Columbian Hospital. Ward said the hospital staff was shocked by the damage inflicted by a cat.

“I am torn to pieces," Ward said, "She got bitten all over her leg and tush."

Unbeknownst to Ward and her client, the homeowner had brought a homeless, pregnant feral cat into the house that he had been feeding outdoors. The cat had recently given birth to kittens and Ward sympathizes that she was protecting her babies.

But this incident emphasizes how important it is that realtors are informed if there are any pets in the home before they attempt to show it, she said, and that they are updated if any animals are added on the property during the listing period.

"There were three of us there. This cat did not retreat," she said. "This cat was insane. We were screaming like you wouldn't believe. Usually you think when something attacks you it stops - it would not stop. I had this cat hanging off my face with its teeth in my face.”

"It was certainly a catfight that I didn't win," she quipped, although obviously in pain.

Bryn Ward, who is also an actress, said, “All I could think of was not my face, anywhere else." She hopes that the attack won't result in any scarring.

Ward enjoyed a successful acting career in Hollywood, appearing in shows that included, Party of Five, The Collector, Married with Children, Ellen, and Diagnosis Murder. She has lived in New Westminster for more than a decade, where she's raising her daughter and getting involved in community programs.

Ward, who described that she "bled all over this person's house" during Tuesday's attack, said her client had already decided it wasn’t the right home for her. After the assault by the feline, she confirmed she doesn't want to buy the home - cat or no cat!

Source: Vancouver Sun


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