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Feminists Silent on "Sexist" Newsweek Sarah Palin Cover Photo

It has been 2 days since Newsweek unveiled its obviously sexist cover of Sarah Palin, and, no surprise, liberal feminists remain silent.

While RH Reality Check managed to spot a pro-life website calling Palin "rogue" on the life issue, it missed Newsweek's cover pick of a photo of Palin in running shorts, originally taken for the August 2009 issue of Runner's World magazine.

Incidentally, that photo was featured on RW's back page and was used by Newsweek without permission. (Watch for a lawsuit.) Here's a photo from the same shoot Newsweek passed by. Wonder why...

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Even Daily Finance, for heaven's sake, called out Newsweek...

... but not feminists. While Ms magazine expressed concern about the shut down of prominent gay newspapers and the "fear of feminist nuns," it ignored what even Hollywood Gossip wondered: "Is Newsweek trying to sabotage her as a dope just because she's a conservative?"

Oh, Feministing did spotlight Palin, but only to "take down" her appearance on Oprah.

The Feminist Majority Foundation was also alarmed by the closure of those gay newspapers while promoting the abortion industry's attack on Baltimore's pregnancy care centers.

But liberal feminists ignore the sexist treatment of the foremost U.S. woman in politics today. If only Palin were an ugly lesbian pro-abort rather than a beautiful heterosexual pro-lifer.

Finally, here's one more photo from the RW photo shoot Newsweek could have picked but didn't, too tasteful for its purposes...

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