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Female Thieves Used Prayer To Distract Victims, Say Police (Video)

Two women are accused of stealing personal belongings from people at local stores in Cobb, Douglas and Paulding counties in Georgia.

According to police, one of the women asked a victim to pray for her troubles, while the other woman allegedly stole the Walmart shopper's credit cards (video below) in Hiram, Georgia.

"The two suspects in all of these cases would use some type of tactic distracting victims to focus their attention elsewhere,"  Acworth Police Capt. Mark Cheatham told 11 Alive.

The women allegedly used different disguises and did not enter or leave the stores together.

However, police tracked down a silver getaway car from all the crime scenes, which led them to Shayla Sutherland and Jessica Pina today, reports WSBTV.

Sutherland and Pina are accused of stealing the credit cards to buy electronic items and other goods.

Sources: 11 Alive, WSBTV
Image Credit: Screenshot From 11 Alive


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