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Female Soldier Says Ft. Hood Military Base is Worse Than Jail (Video)

Investigators are still trying to piece together the reasons why Army Spec. Ivan Lopez went on a shooting spree at the Ft. Hood military base in Texas.

According to the New York Daily News, Lopez was involved in a verbal argument before he opened fire with a pistol, killing three people and wounding several more before taking his own life.

Lopez was being treated for PTSD and had written some odd things on his Facebook page in Spanish, including: "The people shouldn't fear the government - the government should fear the people."

However, there may have been problems just living at Ft. Hood, according to an unidentified U.S. soldier.

During a recent interview with CNN (video below), the female soldier stated: “This place is definitely a black hole. Until we have people sit up and say, ‘Hey, there needs to be change here,’ we’re going to continue to have incidents.”

“People in jail have a better life than a lot of these soldiers here,” she added. “We lose our sanity knowing that we don’t get paid enough to work as much as we do. I could be flipping burgers right now and make more money.”

Sources: New York Daily News and CNN


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