Female Prison Guard Assaulted By Crowd Of Inmates, Supervisors Fail To Go To Police

A female security guard at a Miami-Dade prison facility was assaulted when 17 inmates surrounded her during a December incident. 

The guard was away from work for over 60 days following the assault. Upon returning to her job, she was shocked to learn her managers never investigated the event or reported it to police.

"I was pushed, punched... in my head, face, neck... abdomen and back; the inmates began to grab my vaginal area, breast, and buttocks," she said. "I was kicked in the vaginal area and groped by several inmates. While I was being sexually assaulted... I thought I was about to be gang raped."

The assault was caught on a video that can be seen over at NBC 6.

The guard says that for reasons she doesn’t understand, her supervisors broke protocol and failed to report the assault to police.

"We have protocols and policies when it comes to incidents, and they failed to act," she said. "I was violated…You know, I don’t do anything but literally play this incident in my head over and over again. I’m devastated, I feel embarrassed. I’m ashamed, you know."

In March, the guard told her supervisors that if they didn’t report the assault to police, she would. It was only then that the incident was reported.

Corey Barney heads an association representing correctional officers in the Miami-Dade area. Barney suspects the prison’s management may have wanted to conceal the assault.

"Anytime you have an incident where there were alleged assaults on staff, the police department should be involved," Barney said. "The department either attempted to cover this situation up or at the very least failed to properly investigate the situation and to follow protocol."

The day after the incident was finally reported to police, inmate Derrick Harrell was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. Prison officials declined to speak to the media about why they waited so long before going to police. 

Sources: NBC 6, Mail Online


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