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Woman Assaults Another Passenger During Flight

An Oregon woman was accused of committing a sex crime on an Alaska Air flight from Las Vegas to Portland on the evening of May 8.

The plane was in Oregon airspace when the crime reportedly occurred, according to Oregon Live.  A female passenger told flight staff she had been touched on her breasts and genitals by another passenger, and Port of Portland police were dispatched to meet the arriving flight at around 9:20 p.m.

The suspect was identified as 26-year-old Heidi McKinney, according to the police report.

McKinney was taken from the airport to a Multnomah County Jail on a third-degree sex abuse charge.  She was booked with a $2,500 bail, according to The Smoking Gun.

McKinney will not face immediate charges for the incident, KGW reported May 9.  A "no complaint" disposition was filed that day and McKinney was released; local prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges against her.  The case has been referred to federal officials for review.

McKinney has previously been charged with drunk driving, reckless driving, and being a minor in possession of alcohol, according to a report from Heavy.

It has yet to be officially confirmed whether or not alcohol played in a role in McKinney's conduct on the flight, but a fellow passenger reportedly tweeted that the incident had caused passengers to be stuck on the plane after it landed and added that McKinney was drunk.

User @3hubcaps wrote on Twitter:

"So that’s why we were stuck in the sweltering plane. She was DRUNK when Portland PD escorted her off the plane," the user wrote while linking to a story of McKinney's arrest.

When McKinney was being led off the plane, the user tweeted:

"Ooooh. She’s DRUNK. Can’t walk down the plane aisle drunk. Holy s**t."

Sources: Oregon Live, KGW, The Smoking Gun, Heavy / Photo credit: Heavy

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