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Female North Korean Comic Lee Choon Hong Sent to Coal Mine for Mentioning ‘Sensitive Issues’ On Stage

A popular comic in North Korea, who is well-known for her satire, was pulled off stage for mentioning “sensitive issues” in her act. Lee Choon Hong was taken directly to a coal mine for hard labor, a source told Radio Free Asia.

Hong was performing for workers at a 150,000-acre farm project at Sep’o in Kongwondo Prinvince.

"She had a slip of the tongue while giving a performance for the workers at the Sepo reclamation project site,” the anonymous source said. “She was sent straight to the city of Sunchon in South Pyongan province to carry out reform work at the Jikdong Youth Coal Mine.”

A punishment like Hong’s usually lasts a minimum of 6 months. Her daughter’s wedding has been postponed as a result. Hong was reportedly not even given a chance to say goodbye to family before serving her sentence.

Under the order of Kim Jong Un, she will be evaluated in the coal mine for at least six months before a decision will be made on whether to release her.

It is unclear what Hong said, but she has been sent to do “reform work” in the past. In the mid-2000s she was in hot water over “misspeaking.”

A talented mimic, Hong previously performed for Kim Jong Il. In the 1980s, she was chosen to join his Entourage of Delight – a group of entertainers Jong Il retained for his personal pleasure.

Sources: Newser, Radio Free Asia, Daily Mail


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