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Female Motorcycle Gang Forbidden From Selling Cupcakes At Shooting Range

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The Devil Dolls Motorcycle Club planned to sell gourmet cupcakes to raise funds for charity on Sunday, only to be denied the reserved space they had requested since December based on what they believe is discrimination.

“Motorcycle clubs are not street gangs,” Theresa Foglio, the group’s president, said. “The bigger issue is profiling.”

When the group was denied with little explanation, they decided to protest outside the Pacific Rod and Gun Club for unfair treatment and stereotyping.

The manager of the club was apologetic, but had clearly been pressured by the city to revoke the group’s invitation to stage a cupcake sale.

The group noted that people often perceive them as the “Sons of Anarchy”, though their members consist of single moms and small business owners.

“I don’t know what they thought we were going to do,” Foglio said. “They want to discriminate against cupcakes?”

Sources: SF Gate, Bako


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