Female Fox News Hosts Defend Men Catcalling Women (Video)

The female Fox News hosts of "Outnumbered" recently defended men who catcall women in public.

The "Outnumbered" hosts cited an article in the New York Post by Doree Lewak entitled: "Hey, ladies — catcalls are flattering! Deal with it."

Lewak wrote in her op-ed: "Walking confidently past a mass of men, making eye contact and flashing a smile shows you as you are: self-possessed and playful. The wolf whistles that follow will send your ego soaring."

According to MediaMatters.org, during the Aug. 28 broadcast (video below) of "Outnumbered," co-host Stacey Dash said, "I'm from the South Bronx, I grew up with it. You hear it, you ignore it, just as long as you don't come within arms length, it's good."

Co-host Kirsten Powers stated that she didn't like catcalling when she was younger, "but if it doesn't happen now, I'm like, 'Excuse me?' So now it's good."

"Look, men are going to be that way. What can you do?" added co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle. "They mean it in a nice way, I think. They find you attractive or they want to just pay a compliment."

Sources: New York Post, MediaMatters.org,


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