Officer Resigns After Threatening, Profane Rant (Video)

Cpl. Shellie Maranto of the Brusly Police Department in Louisiana was recorded on the body camera of an officer in nearby Addis threatening, cursing and waving a handgun on March 31 (videos below).

Addis police were investigating a domestic dispute between an estranged husband and wife who work together at a business, WBRZ reports.

The husband turned out to be Maranto's brother, and the wife is Maranto's sister-in-law.

The dispute had been settled by Addis police when Maranto pulled up in her cruiser, jumped out of the vehicle, went on a rant in front of the cops and waved her service pistol:

The f***ing c*** is going to f***ing jail! I'm going to beat the f*** out of her, you hear me? I'm going to f***ing beat the f*** out of her! ... I'm going to kill her! I'm going to f***ing kill her! I'm going to f***ing kill her, you hear me? f***ing kill her! ...  I'm going to beat the f*** out of her! I don't care about going to jail. F*** my life. I ain't got kids. F*** it! I f****" hate that motherf***er!

Despite her threats in front of the Addis police, Maranto was not charged for any crimes. Civilians often are charged with crimes such as disturbing the peace or terrorist threats in similar situations.

Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lefeaux said he became aware of the body camera video on April 2, and placed Maranto on administrative leave. Maranto resigned on April 3.

Lefeaux said the town council was planning to vote on Maranto's termination.

"This puts a black eye on every other law enforcement officer in our town, and it's an embarrassment for the town and department," Lefeaux told WBRZ.

The West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office investigated the incident, but stopped after the sister-in-law made the request.

"[Maranto] just lost her cool. It’s a shame," Lefeaux told The West Side Journal. "She essentially, ruined her career."

Lefeaux said he was grateful to see the police body cam video, or he would not have known how serious it was:

Unfortunately, incidents such as this are going to happen in any profession, no matter what type of controls are instituted to prevent them. We as police officers must honor today’s society’s calls for these matters to be handled swiftly and with 100 percent clarity to work toward bridging the gap of mistrust between police and the community.

Maranto is a 15-year law enforcement veteran, and was employed for four years at the Brusly Police Department, according to Lefeaux.

Warning: This is raw video with graphic language.

Sources: WBRZThe West Side Journal / Photo credit: Infrogmation of New Orleans/Wikimedia

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