Female Bodybuilder Kicks In Boyfriend's Windshield, Slams Head Repeatedly Into Back Of Patrol Car

Florida bodybuilder Dani Reardon trashed her boyfriend’s pickup truck, then slammed her head into the back of a patrol car during her arrest on Sunday.

The 24-year-old apparently “snapped” during a party and kicked out the windshield of her boyfriend, Ian Schofield’s, truck at their Edgewood home. When police arrived to arrest Reardon, she began smashing her head into the cage that separates the front and back seat of a police cruiser. Reardon repeatedly did so until she arrived at the Orange County Jail.

Police reported that Reardon, who calls herself “Little Monster” and is a pro competitor for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, reeked of alcohol during the time of her arrest around 2 a.m.

Although Schofield, who has lived with Reardon for three years, said he didn’t want to press charges, police charged Reardon with resisting arrest and battery.

According to her website, Reardon was declared a Class A winner at the National Physique Committee competition in 2012. She loves posing and feels optimistic about her future in bodybuilding.

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Sources: Orlando Sentinel, NY Daily News


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